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Ballistic helmets can stop a multiple bullets fired at them from various distances. The shell of the helmet is typically rated at a specific level.
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Innovation and Technology

The Host Helmet team is a company focused on head protection research, dedicated to providing superior head protection systems for those who risk their lives every day.
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How Our Customer Says

    Nice helmet. I purchased it using the basic sizing info on the site. It arrived in a couple of weeks. The outer shell and rail kit are of good quality.
    Norma C. Webb
    I bought this helmet about 2 years ago, the helmet spent most of its time sitting on the top shelf of my safe, and was only occasionally brought out for training purposes.
    A few weeks ago a friend invited me out on a bike ride down a very steep several mile mountain road, with the goal just being to ride as fast as we can. I am not much of a bike guy, so the night before I ended up grabbing the helmet to take on the ride. I looked pretty funny, but it was a good thing I took it.
    3/4 of the way down the mountain I hit a rock and was flung over the handlebars at about 25mph, and hit the pavement head first. The helmet absorbed all impact, and I walked away from the wreck without so much as a headache. Hand bleeding and knee pads were shattered, but the helmet ate the first impact with no more than some scratches.
    5 stars, protects head as advertised.
    Manuel Beeson
    I was weary about buying this helmet at first due to the price compared to others and the lack of reviews. But it came exactly as expected great product fast shipping and continuing updates without being annoying. Highly recommend!!!
    Donald Lowry
    Our families, friends, and colleagues all need helmets due to emergencies. My colleague recommended HostHelmet to me, it looked great and arrived in just 5 days, time is of the essence.